Trouble With These Here “Internets”


Looks like the Bush campaign’s been caught in the act of trying to suppress the black vote in Florida. It seems some top-secret e-mails containing a fifteen-page “caging list” were inadvertently sent to the wrong address.

They were sent to GeorgeWBush.org instead of GeorgeWBush.com. Go ahead — take a look at the sites and see if you can spot the difference. I suppose perhaps someone was overcompensating for Darth Cheney’s “FactCheck.com/FactCheck.org” gaffe.

The lists in question contained names and addresses of registered voters in predominantly-black neighborhoods of Jacksonville, Florida, and were apparently produced for the sole purpose of intercepting and challenging those voters at the polls. (Of course, it’s illegal to target challenges like this, where race is a determining factor in assembling such a list.)

The GOP, naturally, denies that the lists were created for this reason, but have yet to come up with any other plausible explanation for their existence. Further, they refuse to discount the idea that — however the lists were created — they’ll go ahead and use them to challenge those voters. In fact, they come right out and admit that they’ve instructed their hit squad to challenge voters wherever they can — legally (wink, wink) — get away with it.

A legitimate election? Not if the Republicans can do anything about it.


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