Tohubohu Gets Some Press Coverage

Now this just feels weird.

Tohubohu Productions, not to mention yours truly, has just received its first front-page newspaper article: “Burke Filmmaker Sprints to Big Screen,” now appearing in the Burke Times, the Springfield Times, and the Fairfax Station Times (and maybe others, though those are the papers for which I’ve been able to obtain copies). Okay, so we’re “below the fold,” but once the paper is placed into its little transparent plastic delivery bag, ours is the story you see.

I actually talked to a store proprietor, and he lit up when I told him that I was the one pictured. He hadn’t done more than glance at the paper as a whole, but he had taken the time to read that one article.

Yes, I’m blowing my own horn by calling attention to it. But read it anyway.


At 1:54 PM, Anonymous said...

Amusing film. You need to tell that extra at the bar to stop staring blankly into the camera or you'll see to it he never works in this town again.


At 9:54 AM, Bill Coughlan said...

Oh, believe me, staring blankly into the camera was the least of that guy's problems. He was a royal pain to work with, always butting in with comments about how things could be better, wanting to know his "motivation" -- you're a bartender, for crying out loud. Tend bar!Still, as much as I hated working with that no-talent hack, I'll probably have to stick him in again somewhere. One of those "political" decisions you have to learn to live with when you want to get your movie made.


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