Another Absence

Sorry, folks, but I’m gonna drop off-line for a few days again. Early tomorrow I have to head out to BWI for another fun-filled cross-country trip to California. Yes, just a few weeks after departing sunny Monterey, I’m going back.

Alas, this time it’s not really a vacation: I’m going out to help my brother move.

The reason for the move is a pretty complex assortment of circumstances, which I will not be getting into here (not my story to tell). But since he’s only been out there since this past summer, he hasn’t had time to assemble friends — or not the sort of friends you can ask to help you move, anyway. Doing the math, he figured out that it’d be cheaper to fly me back out there and rent a U-Haul than to hire movers. It’s not like he’s got tons of stuff (well, realtively speaking, anyway), so he figures we should be able to do it over the three-day weekend. Add an extra traveling day before and after, and that puts me back on the East coast Tuesday evening.

Right now I’m just scrambling to finish up a series of videos to be shown next Wednesday — my first day back in the office — along with another last-minute Tohubohu video project that I just couldn’t pass up. And in a couple of weeks, I should be able to tell you about it (though I’ll have to check on the conditions of the secrecy surrounding it). Don’t start thinking it’s anything important — it’s just something that I found particularly appropriate, and that, by its nature, requires a certain amount of discretion.

Ooh, don’t you just hate those annoyingly vague hints? Sorry about that — I’m just terrible at completely keeping secrets.


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