A Day to Celebrate

Yes, I know we’re all thinking the same thing — today marks the time-honored celebration of the birthday of Emperor Norton I.

What? You mean there’s another holiday being celebrated today? I had no idea...

Actually, as ridiculously commercial as it’s become, Valentine’s Day (unlike the abomination that the greeting-card companies are trying to make out of the small regional celebration Sweetest Day) actually does have legitimate origins. Not to deny that it’s gotten ridiculously out of hand, but — contrary to what the naysayers are readily espousing — it wasn’t cooked up by Hallmark solely as an excuse to sell merchandise. Though sometimes it sure seems that way.

Don’t get me wrong — I still sprang for the card and chocolates. I’m not an idiot.

Still, for those who are a little less romantically inclined right around now, Apple has compiled a “Valentine’s Day Alone” playlist that may take some of the sting out.


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