Minor Site Revisions

Just a little update to the page’s look today, to more accurately reflect the design scheme of the parent site, coughlan.us. Not that the site has much more than a splash page and a basic navigation structure set up, but I’ve had that much sitting around just waiting to be hosted. Now that I’ve got at least a redirect to my old Geocities site, I figured it was about time to upload what I had. Any comments or criticism are certainly welcome.

I’m just as likely as not to ignore it, but I welcome it anyway...

“Classic” reader comments:

Hillary · Wed, Mar 12th 2003, at 4:33PM

Are you running your own cult? What in the hee-haw is the Promethean Roundtable? I am so scared!

But the bare bones of your site looks nice. I like the new color scheme on your blog. I need to ask you how you added the "commenting" portion to your blog. Geoff wants me to add that to mine.

William R. Coughlan · Wed, Mar 12th 2003, at 6:01PM

Of course I’m running my own cult. All the cool kids are doing it. This surprises you exactly... how?

And the commenting is courtesy of enetation — I sprang for the pro service (which adds things like notification of messages and eliminates ads), but they have a free service as well. It’s really easy to set up (I set up Dan’s “From the Marble Bar” ’blog through them as well); if you need help, just ask.

And that reminds me: I still have to fix the comment template to match the new color scheme...

Dan · Fri, Mar 14th 2003, at 10:55AM

Hare Krishnas? Where are the Hare Krishnas?

William R. Coughlan · Fri, Mar 14th 2003, at 11:36AM

Doot-doo. (Inside joke, there, folks.)

Geoffrey · Sat, Mar 15th 2003, at 9:31AM

Very nice, Bill. I like the new colors -- very 1950s modern. Swanky.


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