An Exercise in Exhaustion

Canon XL1sAfter two delayed flights, we finally made it to Sacramento for the next shoot (hopefully the last for this particular project), and I’m way too tired to write.

We’re not off to the best of starts, FedEx having failed to deliver our tripod. They delivered the camera and the monitor, but box number three is AWOL.

And we start shooting tomorrow at nine a.m. Crap.

Oh, and on top of it all, I lost in the first round of Blog Madness. I may still have a chance at survival in the Elimination bracket, though, so keep your eyes peeled! (I’ve got a “bye” for the first round.)

One cool thing happened on the way out — I met Ben Stanfield of MacSlash fame. We were both heading out of the BWI parking garage, and I noticed that he was toting a Canon XL1S carrying case. We chatted a bit — turns out he just got the camera as part of his “day job,” and was also headed out on a shoot. Small world. Maybe we’ll be able to share war stories...

And on that note, good night. Tomorrow’s gonna come way too early.


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