We’re Outta Here

It’s quarter after five local time, and it’s time for us to check out, head to the airport, return the rental, and catch the first leg of our flight back home.

We got the equipment (what we received of it) shipped back, and were finally able to get some answers from FedEx. Well, sort of. While the public tracking website — not to mention whatever system the phone service folks are checking — says that all three packages were delivered, the internal system actually acknowledges that package number three never made it. Apparently, it was “held up” at Dulles for some reason or another.

No more info than that, but it’s something. At this point, I told them to return it to the shipper’s address — it doesn’t do me a bit of good to have it sent here. Then, of course (assuming they do find it), I’ll have to go about getting a refund of the money I spent to ship it in the first place. I know, it’s not my money, but there’s no way I’m paying for a delivery they never actually made.

I smell another fight brewing...


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