Which America-Hating Minority Are You?

I haven’t done any of these ’net quizzes in a while, but this one — drawn to my attention courtesy of Owen over at Broccoli and Bechamel — seemed worth trying.

IntellectualI am an Intellectual
smarter - than - most

Nothing is harder for the conservatives to convincingly crush than you, the educated man or woman of dissent. You have the facts, you have the common sense, and people who disagree with you can usually do so only on flawed grounds or with childish slander. As an intelligent human being, your opposition to G.W. Bush is practically a given. The farces his administration perpetuates grind wheels in your head as history painfully repeats itself right before your eyes. You may in fact BE an American citizen, a condition which would only serve to enhance your understanding of the poor state the potentially great nation is in.

“Don’t make me exposé your ass!”

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Okay, not all that much of a surprise I suppose... Take the quiz yourself and let me know your results.


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