Run Out and Spend Money

Hey, folks, for those of you who haven’t heard (what, you’re not checking all those links regularly?), Patton Oswalt’s debut comedy album, “Feelin’ Kinda Patton,” hits the streets today. And yes, it’s available at the iTMS as well as at places like Amazon, and even out in the real world.

In fact, believe it or not, that’s where I picked up my copy, at a Tower Records, which happened to be in the same building as some folks I had to meet with this afternoon. (While there, I found another impulse-buy album, “Bushspeak: The Curious Wit & Wisdom of George W. Bush” — can’t wait to listen to that one). Yeah, I could have gotten it for a few bucks less at the iTMS, but I wanted to send him the liner notes for an autograph (that’s me: celebrity stalker). I’m importing it into iTunes right now, and I’ll be listening to it via iPod on the way home tonight; I’ll plan on posting a review (or at least a sentence or two) tomorrow.

But however you get it, get it. Listen to it. Laugh uproariously. And what the hell, drop him a line and let him know about it. He’s a real person, honest, not just some pretty-boy Hollywood creation.


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