Things Are Just Going to Get Uglier

Hey, even I have always thought some of my more... intense views were “out of the mainstream,” to use one of the idiot-in-chief’s favorite catch-phrases. So when I post comments about how I have no intention of supporting Duh-bya even if he should win the election, I may be dead serious, but I’m not usually expecting a lot of “me too” responses.

But a line toward the end of a column in the New York Daily News has me rethinking that assessment. (No, I don’t give the Daily News a whole lot of weight, but the column would at least appear to be citing external polling data.)

Sixty-two percent of poll respondents said they would not support the opposing candidate should he win the election. Looks like I’ve got more company than I thought.

I’m picturing a scenario I haven’t heard a lot of folks espousing: The election becomes hopelessly mired in legal battles, and neither candidate concedes defeat. Or let’s say Kerry wins, and Bush just refuses to leave. With the populace this hopelessly polarized, what do you think is gonna happen?

If anyone can find the original source for that poll statistic, please let me know; I’d sure like more reliable confirmation before I start packing.


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