Meaningless Happenstance or Positive Omen?

For the record, I am fully aware that you can trot out any number of utterly coincidental statistics to draw tenuous connections between unrelated events (sportscasters being particularly fond of doing so), but in this case, I couldn’t help but take notice. Particularly since the Post’s editorial page saw fit to call attention to it. I’ll let them explain it:

“Ever since 1936, the year before the team moved to Washington, the last home game before the election has predicted the winner. If the Redskins win, so does the incumbent party in the White House; if not, not. This rule has held good for 17 straight elections.”

The Redskins lost.

Read into that what you will.


At 10:32 PM, Kori said...

I posted a similar comment on my weblog. Of course, I posted it as a Packers fan.

The Packers won! Go John Kerry!


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