Proving My Assessment of Bush’s “America”

I said it before — after the November 2 election, I am no longer merely embarrassed to be an American, but actually ashamed. But it would appear that George Bush’s “America” keeps wanting to demonstrate that, if anything, my reaction to that election (which I’ve no doubt posterity will record as the “death date” on the tombstone of the United States) is far less extreme than it should be.

I’ve gotten a bit of flak (not nearly as much as for some of my other comments, but some) in the past for characterizing the state of Alabama as “Darwin’s waiting room.” Not an original characterization, by any stretch of the imagination, but despite its widespread popularity, a few folks find it very non-P.C.

So, as disgusting as it may be, it is somewhat rewarding to see myself completely vindicated in my assessment. Hey, did you know that segregation is still constitutionally mandated in Alabama? And that the voters finally had a chance to correct that on November 2? But — surprise, surprise — guess what they decided to do?

Yep — they opted to keep language formally requiring racial segration firmly ensconced in the Alabama constitution. Federal law, of course, prohibits segregation — so the language is strictly symbolic — but the people of Alabama decided to keep that symbol very much alive.

Hmm... I wonder if I’d recognize any of the names on the roster of prominent pro-segregation proponents...

Oh, shocker! Our old buddy Roy Moore.

As a rule, I don’t favor forced sterilization, but every once in a while, I suppose I’d be willing to make an exception.

You know, in Ukraine, when the exit polls all show one candidate winning the election, but the actual poll results show the more fascistic candidate mysteriously coming out on top, the Ukrainians at least have the balls to do something about it — staging a national strike, inviting independent investigation, even demanding a new election. But when the exact same thing happens here in America? Apparently, we’re a bunch of pussies.

Of course, it’s hard to get up in arms about it when your candidate — not to mention your entire party — completely capitulates.


At 6:40 PM, Andrew said...

There was a time when the Republican Party would have backed John McCain and the Democratic Party would have backed Howard Dean. As for the parties today, fuck them both, starting with Karl Rove and Terry McAuliffe, two men more interested in winning than the ramifications of choosing douchebags as frontrunners.

Don't confuse me for some third-party muck-bubble that pops once every four years; I can tell the difference between the two parties. I belong to the one that gets called pussies when we refuse to act like bullies and called traitors when we actually do something to back up that philosophy.

I'm Andrew Roazen and I approved this message.


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