Trailer Update

No, not the U-Haul trailer (though we’ve been busy loading that up out here in sunny Monterey), but the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trailer. It’s no longer up at Amazon, but it is up — in glorious QuickTime — at the movie’s official site. “Share and enjoy!”

It also looks like there’s a new trailer for the Fantastic Four movie up at the QuickTime trailers site. Looks better than the last one, but I’m still not sold. I hope it won’t suck, but I’m not yet confident of that likelihood.

Well, back to work...


At 9:01 AM, Lisa said...

There's only the "Wonderful World" trailer, right? I saw it in a theater a month ago, so I keep looking for another.

At 10:04 AM, Bill Coughlan said...

No, there's a new one -- the "Wonderful World" was just a "teaser," but this is a full-blown trailer, with scenes from the film itself.

The trailer opens with a nice house in the English countryside, an alarm clock going off, and a man (Arthur) banging his head on the low staircase ceiling, burning his toast, and the tag lines:

"Ever have one of those days?"
"When nothing seems to go right?"
"And then your best friend..."
"turns out to be an alien?"

Followed by scenes of the Vogon destruction and the story to follow. There are lots of moments easily identifiable to readers of the book, but others newly created for the movie; reportedly Douglas Adams had written an entirely new second act on the screenply before he died, so there's a lot of new material.

At 8:07 AM, Lisa said...

Sounds interesting. I do keep missing live links to it.

I'm not worried about new material and different angles on the story. I know DNA like to tinker with the tale as it moved from radio to book to TV to computer game to, it seems, big screen.


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