My New Popularity

William R. CoughlanNo, my inflammatory prose isn’t what keeps bringing ’em back.

It’s my ambigram.

I guess it’s the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie coming out this summer, but there are a slew of people around the world coming to my site just to take a look at my little signature doodle. (For those of you whom I’ve just lost, Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown’s previous book, Angels & Demons, featured ambigrams as a significant plot device.)

Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty darned proud of it. But if you’re coming here looking for more ambigrams, tips on making ambigrams, or the like, then I’m afraid you’re out of luck. ’Cause with the exception of that signature, the logotype at the top of the page, and an ambigram I made of one of my daughters’ names (the other daughter’s has so far eluded me), that’s all I’ve got.

I suppose in the interests of charity, I can at least point you to Angels & Demons ambigram guru John Langdon’s site (or his book). Or to Ambigram.Matic’s online ambigram generator (a good starting point if you want to create your own ambigram).

Otherwise, welcome anyway — feel free to putter around a bit, make a comment or two. But I’ll understand if your travels soon take you elsewhere.

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