The New Springtime Colors

As the latest Post-ABC News poll demonstrates, pink is the color of choice this season.

An older gentleman commented to me while I was out shopping last week, “Brooks Brothers sure didn’t have shirts that color when I was growing up.” No, they didn’t. But thankfully, times change. Even for those who might have worn bright red in the past.

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At 12:08 AM, Daniel said...

The gentleman who spoke to you must have lived in a very drab, sepia-toned state. Remember, old pictures are black and white because they're really color pictures of a black and white world...?

Brooks Brothers has sold pink shirts (yes, for men) as long as I've been alive, and anybody who has ever seen advertising from the '10s and '20s--the manly generation of the first War to End All Wars--will see the muscly and handsome Arrow Collar Men occasionally wearing pink shirts or pink ties.

And, damnit, I look good in pink.

At 9:28 AM, Bill Coughlan said...

I took a little creative license in my narrative, as the man in question wasn't specifically referring to pink shirts, but the new spring ground-stripe dress shirts, of which I just picked up two (in purple and green, no less). But I thought that the Post article's author was probably picturing more of a light purple than a true pink anyway (diluted red with a little bit of blue mixed in). Or at least that's how I rationalized it to myself.

Actually, I had to replace my own Brooks Brothers pink shirt, which after two years of wear, had finally fallen victim to a torn elbow. I suppose that's the problem with having bony joints; my equally bony knees often have the same effect (though usually on my pants, not my shirts).


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