What, No Cake?

AppleSo, Apple’s 30th birthday has come and gone, and apparently, the rumor mill was wrong (at least about the date).

I even went to one of our local Apple stores on Saturday. I wasn’t expecting anything major (okay, so maybe I was hoping for some kind of “birthday sale” pricing, as I wanted to pick up a gift for my dad), but I thought there’d be some sign that this was pretty big milestone.

Nothing. For all intents and purposes, this was going to be like any other day of the year.

So (tongue planted firmly in cheek) I asked the resident genius why there was no recognition of the big day; without missing a beat, he gave me what I think is the most accurate reason for the distinct lack of hoopla:

“Yeah, you know how it is when you hit the big three-oh. You really don’t want people making a fuss, reminding you that you’re no longer in your twenties. Apple’s gonna be going out to the bar with a few friends later, but that’ll be about it.”

(My daughter, who was with me on our little excursion, chimed in with a little cheer: “Twenty-nine again!” Don’t know where she might have heard that before.)

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