What, You’re Not Convinced Yet? Well Listen to This...

A rather interesting point was buried deep in a Washington Post article this morning. It now appears that the administration line is that Saddam Hussein is not only trying to develop nuclear weapons, but already has them. Here’s the quote from Dick Cheney: “We know he’s been absolutely devoted to trying to acquire nuclear weapons, and we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons.”

Now, wait a minute. First of all, you’ve been completely unable to produce any credible evidence to support the allegations that Saddam is developing nuclear weapons — or even any chemical, biological, or other banned weapons systems — and yet you expect us now to believe that he’s got the bomb. Talk about a wholly transparent attempt to scare the American public into supporting your little invasion.

Now there’s talk of the international community condemning the impending invasion as a violation of both the U.N. charter and international law. At the least, we’ve managed to alienate pretty much the entire world. I wouldn’t even count on lasting support from Britain: Tony Blair’s committed political suicide, and we haven’t really got any other supporters over there.

A friend of mine recently advised me to go a little easier on Duh-bya: His mental capacity would clearly qualify him as “developmentally disabled,” and we should never judge those less fortunate than we. I’m not too sure, though — putting him in that category is an insult to the disabled.

“Classic” reader comments:

Dan · Tue, Mar 18th 2003, at 12:14PM

...all of which is even more amusing given the fact that we're blatantly ignoring nations that we KNOW have the bomb, or something approximating it, and who are not exactly our bosom pals.

However, we don't give a shit about kim chee. Spicy, but it doesn't make your Pontiac run, now does it?

I don't mind Imperialism as long as it doesn't pretend to be something else. Even Hitler was pretty honest about wanting "Lebensraum"; we're pursing our lips and claiming that we're fighting for human rights. Interesting that we only care about the rights of people who happen to live on top of vast oil fields.


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