Little George Decides to Go Ahead and Piss on the Constitution

ConstitutionI’m sorry, but there’s no wiggle room here. Support for an anti-gay marriage Constitutional amendment — which Duh-bya’s puppetmasters are now saying he plans to announce shortly — is irredeemably vile.

Of course, it’s bigotry at its worst — that is, bigotry masquerading as religious belief. But that argument won’t make any headway with the extreme right; they’re downright proud of their self-righteous intolerance.

But far worse than that — as reprehensible as it is — is the fact that a Constitutional amendment would enshrine a matter of ordinary statute law into the document that is meant to define the structure of the nation. Just as the eighteenth amendment — Prohibition — had no business being stuffed into the very fabric of the nation’s composition, neither does this ill-considered attempt. Both pervert the explicit purpose of the Constitution: Providing a fundamental framework for government that cannot be altered by the simple will of the people or legislature. Instead, they attempt to impose the will of those currently in power — in a matter of everyday law-making — upon future generations. They entrench a denial of liberty into the underlying composition of the nation.

Passage of this amendment would be an (almost) unprecedented show of disrespect for both the Constitution and the heritage of the United States of America. If anything could truly be defined as “un-American” — a label I am loath to bandy about — this atrocity would come as close as I can imagine.

To oppose gay marriage is one thing; I may disagree with your opinion (and I won’t shy away from saying so), but you’re perfectly welcome to hold it. Bastardize my Constitution, and I’ll fight you to my dying breath.


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