Life... Don’t Talk to Me About Life...

It always seems like these things hit you when you’re having what would otherwise be a fairly enjoyable day. Not one of your best days, to be sure — that would be too obvious — but one of those days when things generally seem to be going pretty well, when the weather’s not too cold, not too hot, nothing really to complain about, and you’re doing your best to hang onto a relatively satisfied mind-set.

That’s when life decides to see how far into the air it can launch you with a nice, swift kick in the balls.

There was a whole bunch of content in the middle here, basically going into the whole situation in excruciating detail, but on reflection, it’s probably best for me to keep it to myself for now. I had to write it, but I don’t necessarily need everyone to read it. If anyone is particularly curious, you can always ask me about it.

All I can do is say, Pam, I’m truly sorry. I am here for you, and if there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll do it. I love you.


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