Into the Heart of Red America

Or, more accurately, red-and-white America.

Specifically, Nebraska. As of 6:00 tomorrow morning, I’ll be off on another video shoot, this time, to Omaha, Nebraska. And believe it or not, I’m heading out a day early — the shoot itself isn’t until Wednesday.

Why, you may rightfully ask? No, it’s not to berate the red-staters; as red-staters go, I’ve always thought the Nebraskans were fairly innocuous. No, it’s because I spent four and a half years in Omaha (or, more specifically, in a little suburb of Omaha called Papillion), the longest I spent anywhere during my childhood. Constant moving: the downside to being an Air Force brat. (The upside? Access to USAA.)

Not that I expect it’ll take me all that long, but I’m planning to drive around Omaha (and Papillion), see the sights, find my old house, my elementary school, the junior high where I spent six months before moving once again.

And if I get particularly ambitious, I may drive down to Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. Not that I care so much about that, but it’ll make the inevitable home video more interesting to the extended family.

Then again, with all the recent ice storms out there, my travels may end up being a bit more limited. Hotel bar, here I come...


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