Bush Smoked Pot? And Lied About It? I’m Shocked!

Come on, the guy was a cokehead. Is anyone really surprised that Duh-bya smoked pot? Sure, it proves he’s a hypocrite, but we knew that already.

In personal news, it figures that Mother Nature would decide to dump near-continuous rain on us while we’re trying to move. Yeah, compared with the rest of California, we probably don’t have much to complain about, but still — trying to lug furniture through the stuff ain’t exactly my idea of fun. (Still, the weather’s the least of the shit going down out here. This has been one seriously messed-up weekend.)

On the bright side, the moving itself is going better than expected — my brother had done a great job of packing and preparing before I arrived — and we’ve already gotten a lot of the real heavy stuff taken over. And on top of that, we get to spend some time with my two-year-old nephew today (well, that’s the plan, anyway — depending on some of the aforementioned “shit”).


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