Kafka Would Be Right Proud

Yet another sure sign that we live in a police state: Not only are you required to show identification when you travel, but you’re not permitted to see the law that requires you to do so.

Now, a case could certainly be made in support of requiring identification — but there is absolutely no justification for forcing obedience to a law that you aren’t even given the possibility of seeing. In other words, the state is now able to charge you for violating laws strictly on their say-so.

“Don’t know which law you’re violating? Well, sorry, but you are. Trust us. The information’s classified. Why? Sorry, but that’s classified, too. We’re readying a cell for you at Gitmo.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette brings us the story of John Gilmore, who’s bringing that issue to a head. Go give it a read.

No, this fascistic overclassification of material isn’t anything new; power corrupts, and it always has. But the Bush regime sure seems to revel in it.

(Thanks to Tom Bridge for the link.)


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