What? You Mean Our Word’s Not Good Anymore?

Another shocker!

Russia refuses to believe Bush’s claims that providing assistance to Iran’s nuclear program is a bad idea, and is going ahead with its own plans to do exactly that.

Whether they actually think Bush’s claims about Iran’s weapons ambitions are bogus is largely irrelevant — thanks to this regime’s unblemished record of utter idiocy, Russia can claim that the United States is full of shit with a straight face.

Thanks, Duh-bya! If I didn’t know you were a complete moron, I’d suspect you were deliberately trying to make the world a safer place for fascists around the world. That whole “Bush & Putin: Best Buddies” routine you still cling to does make me wonder. And given the way you’ve trampled on civil rights here at home, it sure would seem like you’re working damned hard to make sure nobody starts thinking that’s a bad thing.


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