And the Winner Is...

I’m in Savannah right now, getting warmed up for another on-site (and all-day) video shoot, but I thought I’d make note of the fact that this has officially become the most memorable trip to date.

First, in the Charlotte airport, one of the courtesy carts had a malfunctioning “warning beeper.” Okay, so in the helter-skelter of mid-afternoon airport travel, one could expect a lot of, “Excuse me... please make room... passing through...” right? Well, the driver in this case — owner of a high, squeaky voice — opted instead to repeat “beep... beep... beep...” incessantly. As Ginny and I were waiting for our connecting flight, she must have gone by ten times.

At least it was amusing, whether of not such amusement was intentional (I suspected it was a courtesy-cart-driver hazing ritual, myself).

But that’s not the capper. No, en route to our Savannah hotel, we passed what at first I thought was a woman in a dress. On closer inspection... no. A fat, naked man in a tutu.

What’s even funnier? It wasn’t on the more run-down airport-area section of the drive (across multiple sets of train tracks, past the state prison), but on the secluded access road to the resort hotel at which we’re staying.

I almost don’t want to know what we’re going to see today...


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